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Happy New Year! Starting off 2024 with an EXCITING EVENT!

Hey Ben R. Luna here, wishing you a Happy New Year!

We are kicking off 2024 with an exciting event:

The New Mexico Grassroots Convention, featuring:

-Sheriff David Clarke

-Tana Goertz (Previous Senior Advisor to President Trump)

-Matt Coday (Founder of Oil and Gas Workers Association)

We will have multiple New Mexico organizations present along with many of our Grassroots Leaders in the state present as guest speakers while providing all Organizations and candidates with free CTA's or Campaign videos at our event. An example of a CTA and Roundtable documentary is below with Johnny Johnson Executive Director of NMTA, New Mexico Trucking Association, who brought a ton of common sense to the issue of the governor mandated EV's. We've already donated CTA's for multiple organizations and candidates and will be doing so again at our event.

Funds from this event will go towards donating more production for 2024 for all candidates and organizations standing alongside the grassroots movement, for a free and prosperous New Mexico.

This event will be mid-Legislative Session which will provide for much needed messaging to be produced for CTA's, while bringing updates to the state in real time as we are in the session.

Podcasts are welcome to cover this event in a booth to help spread the info statewide via as many platforms as possible. Please contact me at 575-921-5650 if you would like to set up a live podcast covering the event.

EVERYTHING concerning New Mexico will be at this event, all recorded for each organizer, guest speaker, organization, or candidate to use on their platform to spread the word to New Mexico, America, and the world, the people of New Mexico won't give in to globalist or communist agendas. Film your own campaign video or CTA for free if you are an Organizer, Organization, or candidate. This is for your voice to be heard with the help of a collaborative effort of multiple platforms.

"Bear ye one another's burdens will mean a whole lot more in the future"

You have my capabilities at your disposal however long God allows me to do so.

God bless, be encouraged, and don't give up!

Ben R. Luna

1Name 1Banner LLC

P.S. If you would like to purchase a booth for your organization please contact me at 575-921-5650

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